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Soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo opens his first Lisbon hotel | New … – New York Post

In the heart of downtown Lisbon, Pestana CR7 Lisboa is a brand-new 82-room hotel — the second property to open within the newly launched collaboration between soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and Portuguese hospitality brand Pestana.

(It was inaugurated on Oct. 2 with a red-carpet soirée; the first hotel, in the Portuguese archipelago Madeira, opened over the summer.)

Previously a bank, the historic building was transformed by interior designer Jaime Morais, who swathed almost every inch of the hotel with references to Ronaldo’s illustrious sports legacy. To get a sense of the fantasy, even the staircase is outfitted with sensor-activated surround sound of soccer fans chanting.


Soccer fans know that No. Sete jersey all too well.Photo: Tiago Sousa

In a bustling destination where it seems like a new hotel opens every week, Pestana CR7 Lisboa targets digitally savvy millennials who love Ronaldo, a national hero whose jersey, not coincidentally, sports the number 7.

The soccer-heavy decor, including in-room area rugs featuring an illustration of one of Ronaldo’s running patterns, is not for everyone, but the property offers amenities (welcome drinks, strong Wi-Fi, an a la carte breakfast menu) not often seen in Portuguese hotels.


“Digital comfort” is one of Pestana’s stated priorities. To that end, there is a super-fast internet connection that allows guests to watch Netflix with no interruption. And because Ronaldo is the spokesperson for Meo, a local telecommunications company, everyone gets a password to access its Wi-Fi service in the city wherever it’s available.

While most of the country relies on standard breakfast buffets, Pestana CR7 Lisboa offers a diverse selection at the insistence of general manager Miguel Plantier, who was once an F&B manager at The Standard High Line in New York. Searching for a taste of home? There’s one breakfast dish here that you won’t find anywhere in Portugal: a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.


The hotel is dark. Most of the staff will refer to this design decision to use a lot of grays and blacks as masculine. But unless the curtains are wide open, in-room visibility is low.


The hotel’s Corner Bar & Bistro.Photo: Tiago Sousa

The kitchen of the hotel’s restaurant, CR7 Corner Bar & Bistro, is under the supervision of Rui Martins, one of the nation’s best young chefs, who also oversees a Pestana restaurant in Porto. The menu orbits around elegantly modernized local classics for sharing, like veal croquettes paired with a delicious clam-mayo sauce. (A typical croquette comes with mustard.)

Another top dish, the tuna, is prepared two ways: in braised fillets, and also smoked in a salad and drizzled with sweet chili sauce. The bar program was developed by Liquid Consulting, a Lisbon-based mixology company that has been instrumental to the growth of the cocktail scene in the city. The creative libations might be a little light on the alcohol, but there are unexpected ingredients. For one, fragrant saffron sugar sweetens the Bitter Seduction, a mix of campari and ginger beer plus lemon and grapefruit juice.


CR Room.jpg
The hotel’s quirky, colorful design.

Photo: Tiago Sousa

Pestana CR7 Lisboa_Elevator.jpg
The hotel’s quirky, colorful design.

Photo: Tiago Sousa

Social area 21.JPG
The hotel’s quirky, colorful design.

Photo: Tiago Sousa

Social area1.JPG
The hotel’s quirky, colorful design.

Photo: Tiago Sousa

Suite 11.JPG
The hotel’s quirky, colorful design.

Photo: Tiago Sousa

Pestana CR7 Lisboa occupies an enviable location — especially for first-time vistors to the city, since it’s near the grand Lisbon Cathedral and a major main square, the Praça do Comércio. Modern conveniences, a great breakfast and a bar scene buzzy with hotel guests combine to deliver a solid stay even if you’re not a soccer enthusiast.


From $200, PestanaCR7.com.


The BALL Strikes Back – Kickback, Hilarious Soccer Game

The Kickback Game – Soccer, Meets Godzilla!? Funny New Game
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Frozen Elsa and Spiderman SOCCER GAME PRANK w/ Frozen Elsa and Spiderman vs Bad Joker PRANK

Frozen Elsa and Spiderman SOCCER GAME PRANK w/ Frozen Elsa and Spiderman vs Bad Joker PRANK

Frozen Elsa and Spiderman SOCCER GAME PRANK for kids videos to love Frozen elsa and spiderman and enjoy the day! We create a lot of videos for kids of Spiderman and Elsa, Joker, HULK, And more funny toys and candy, A lot of funny Frozen Elsa and Spiderman superheroes in real life videos for kids a lot of candy and fun.

Frozen Elsa and Spiderman BASKETBALL GAME w/ Frozen Elsa and Spiderman vs Basketball Game Superhero

SPIDERMAN and ORBEEZ BATH FUN! w/ Frozen Elsa and Spiderman vs Joker Balloons Superhero Pranks

Spiderman Surprise Elsa With 10,000 BALLOONS w/ Spiderman and Elsa Joker Superhero Real Life!

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Mexico’s Most Popular Soccer Team Cuts the TV Cord – Bloomberg

Chivas, Mexico’s most popular soccer team, plans to part ways with U.S. broadcaster Univision Holdings Inc. when its contract comes up in 2018, betting it can make more profit by only offering matches through its $12-a-month online service.

The team has been emboldened by its decision in May to end its two-decade relationship with Mexico’s biggest broadcaster, Grupo Televisa SAB, and go online-only in its home country, charging users a fee to watch matches, behind-the-scenes footage and commentary. That change has helped Chivas better reflect its value, said Jose Luis Higuera, chief executive officer of the team officially called Club Deportivo Guadalajara SA, in an interview.

To measure the potential of Chivas’s online TV distribution, “our best moment is going to be the 2018 fall season, when we’re open to the whole world,” Higuera said. “I don’t know if Univision gets a lot or a little from it, but that’s not my problem.”

Higuera’s plan could mean more ratings trouble for Univision, whose viewership has already plunged 30 percent on a shift in consumer appetite for telenovelas. Chivas was the Mexican league’s most-watched team, pulling in 1.3 million viewers per match, in its spring season last year on Univision. The network, whose investors include Televisa and private-equity firms, is planning an initial public offering.

More broadly, the move by Chivas is a rare test of a popular team’s ability to cut through the media industry’s sports broadcasting deals and go directly to fans. Teams and leagues around the world are watching Chivas to see how it fares without a broadcasting partner, though it will be tough for U.S. major leagues to change business models anytime soon — most have TV deals stretching out into the next decade.

NFL, Premier League

Higuera didn’t rule out staying with Univision if he gets an offer he can’t refuse, though he considered a deal unlikely. “Why shouldn’t we get the same amount of money the NFL gets?” he said. “It shouldn’t be that a European club in the Premier League gets seven times as much as I do.”

“We look forward to the opportunity to renegotiate our exclusive Chivas de Guadalajara soccer club package and extend our valued relationship,” Univision said in a statement. The network’s sports division has deals with 13 of 18 Mexican league teams, more than any other U.S. media company.

Televisa declined to comment.

Religious Loyalty

Chivas TV, the online service, is a bet that almost religious loyalty to the team will be enough to get fans to pay for something they used to be able to get for free with a TV antenna. In Mexico, the team has amassed at least 100,000 subscribers despite the country’s relatively low internet penetration rate — 43.5 percent — and a price tag many fans deemed too high. The subscription costs about twice as much as a Netflix account. (Fans can also watch individual matches instead of paying a subscription, paying 125 pesos to 500 pesos ($7 to $27) a match depending on the quality of the opponent.)

“It wasn’t logical for us to accept less money,” Higuera said of the decision to leave television in Mexico. “One of the only forms of TV content that’s increasing in value these days is sports because there’s still plenty of interest. The proposals we received weren’t realistic and didn’t value our content the way we thought they should have, so we had to go at it alone.”

Higuera has been aggressively seeking ways to reflect what he and the team’s owner, Grupo Omnilife SA co-founder Jorge Vergara, believe is the real value of the club. He did it again in June when he declined to renew the club’s contract with Adidas AG and instead signed with Puma SE, which he said offered seven times more money.

“Adidas told us that the Mexican market was tougher to sell jerseys to,” Higuera said. “And then Puma magically offered us seven times more. We’re a powerful brand and if we’re not the first to see its value, then no one else will.”

“The agreement is mutually beneficial and notably improves the previous terms, not only in money but also in global visibility for the club,” Puma said in an e-mail in response to questions. Adidas had no immediate comment.

Mexican Connection

Higuera estimates the club has 15 million to 20 million fans in the U.S.. where the team’s policy of signing only Mexican players makes it a touchstone for many expats. “It represents a connection to Mexico,” Higuera said. “People want to feel close to their country.”

While the growing Mexican population in the U.S. gives Higuera confidence he’s making the right move by going online-only in 2018, there’s a cautionary tale on the limits of the brand across the border. In 2014, Club Deportivo Chivas USA, a Los Angeles-based spin off from the Mexican team, ceased operations amid disappointing performance commercially and competitively in Major League Soccer.

Higuera doesn’t rule out eventually going back to a TV network, but the terms would have to be significantly better than the five-year, $80 million contract the club is completing with Univision, he said.

“It’s tough, and I don’t own the team,” Higuera said. “Any proposal we receive will be duly evaluated.”

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Soccer Star Proving Women Can Be Both Strong and Beautiful | PopDocs

As professional soccer player turned beauty entrepreneur Courtney Jones is here to tell us, that doesn’t have to be the case. As the CEO of Sweat Cosmetics, a line of makeup created for active women, Jones is on a quest to change how women view fitness — and beauty. Watch the video above to learn more about Jones and her feel-good mission.

We’ve partnered with dressbarn on the “More to Me” series to help you find the beauty in strength.


Kei Kamara Gets a Yellow Card for TWERKING!!

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WNT vs. Switzerland: Kealia Ohai Goal – Oct. 23, 2016

Kealia Ohai scored her first career international goal just seconds after entering the field on her first cap.

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Highlights Sriwijaya FC vs Persija Jakarta – Torabika Soccer Championship 2016

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